Guided motorcycle road and/or trail hike “tour of the Bauges massif”

Tour of the Bauges Massif

Located between Chambéry, Aix Les Bains, Annecy and Albertville, the Bauges Regional Natural Park is classified as a UNESCO world heritage site and obtained the Géopark Label in 2011.

Overview of the road motorcycle program; 3 wheels or trail and Maxitrail:

Departure towards Les Aillons with a stop at Chartreuse d’Aillon. The former monastery of the Carthusian order, located in the commune of Aillon le Jeune, is one of the oldest witnesses to the built heritage of the Heart of Bauges. (Visit possible depending on the dates)

“For the trails and Maxitrail, a short detour via the surrounding trails then goes up to Revard via small roads and trails, then heads directly to Semnoz”​

Passage through the Féclaz station and stop at the Revard belvedere (1538 m) with its 360° view and its three pontoons above the void, thanks to the windows on the ground. This belvedere allows you to admire the Lac du Bourget, Aix Les Bains, the Dent du Chat but also Mont Blanc, and much more.

Then we will head towards the Abime bridge, between Cusy and Gruffy. The Abîme Bridge (built in 1887) is a suspension bridge with a span of 74.80 m which allows you to cross the Chéran at a height of 96 m.

“For the trails and Maxitrail we will leave Bellecombe en Bauges towards Chatelard via tracks and will pass a pass at more than 1300 meters, then we will take other small roads and tracks towards the Col du Frène.”

Descent from the Col du frêne (950 m), magnificent view of the Dent d’Arclusaz (2041 m) towards the Château de Miolans, perched on a rocky spur leaning against the Bauges massif. This spectacular fortress is a perfect example of medieval castle architecture and later became a famous prison. The Marquis de Sade was one of the most famous prisoners.

We will continue with the climb and visit the Tamié fort, the most important military monument of the Combe de Savoie (992m) with 16 hectares enclosed by a 1.8 km rampart.

We will then stop at the Notre Dame de Tamié Abbey where you can buy the famous “Tamié” if you wish; Cheese made at the Abbey by Cistercian-Trappist monks since 1881.

At the end of the day, we will return around the Dent de Cons (2062 m) and return to Montmélian via small roads to contemplate the Massif des Bauges one last time.

From mid-April, Tour of the Massif des Bauges 330 km

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