In June: Direction Albania

Small country located on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, Albania will surprise you! Set off to discover the Greco-Roman remains, listed as world heritage by UNESCO. Its small winding mountain roads, its tracks serving remote villages, its sea side and its mountain side will delight you.

A 6-day itinerant hike, with a tourist stroll on small roads and trails to meet a welcoming population and an authentic culture.

In September: Direction Spain.

The high heat is fading, ideal for this cloverleaf route in Andalusia, departing from a troglodyte lodge dedicated to adventure "Cueva aventura", located in Benamaurel north of Almeria, 5/6 Nights, 4 Days hike to the Gorafe desert and around.

In winter: find warmth again, head to Senegal. In collaboration with a French service provider residing in Senegal, 6-day ride on the handlebars of Royal Enfield, Come visit and discover Senegalese hospitality.​

Guided trail hikes abroad.

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